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Cultivating Purpose in Adolescence

October 30, 2023 | Filed in: Council Report

Helping youth develop a sense of purpose–a forward-looking life aim that guides actions and decisions–can build resilience, support mental health, reduce negative risk taking, and provide a sense of direction and motivation. But adolescents do not just find their purpose as if it were an object already assembled. Rather they cultivate their purpose through a process of discovering and actively…

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Engaging, Safe, and Evidence-Based: What Science Tells Us Adolescents Need When Online

November 16, 2022 | Filed in: Council Report

Early adolescence—roughly ages 10 to 13—is a key time of exploration, discovery, rapid learning, and social and emotional change. It is also the point when many young people begin spending time in a larger online world. Digital technology is not all good or all bad, but during early adolescence, its effects can be amplified. We now know enough from research on brain and social development and…

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The Intersection of Adolescent Development and Anti-Black Racism

August 9, 2021 | Filed in: Council Report

The Intersection of Adolescent Development and Anti-Black Racism, the first Council Report from the National Scientific Council on Adolescence (NSCA), summarizes research on how racism and related inequities impact key developmental milestones of adolescence and offers recommendations to support Black youth within key social contexts of the middle and high school years.

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