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A Sense of Purpose Can Support Teen Mental Health

April 4, 2024

Researchers Patrick Hill and NSCA member Anthony Burrow, co-authors of the NSCA’s recent report on purpose in adolescence, explain why a sense of purpose is important to youth mental health and how adults can help young people cultivate their purpose.

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The Great Rewiring: Is Social Media Really Behind an Epidemic of Teenage Mental Illness?

March 29, 2024

​In a book review for Nature, NSCA member Candice Odgers explains what research actually says about social media and youth mental health—and how current narratives may be causing us to miss the real challenges facing young people today.

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Leveraging the Opportunity of Adolescence to Reduce Chronic Absenteeism

March 14, 2024

UCLA CDA Co-Executive Director Andrew Fuligni and Policy and Practice Director Elise Brumbach explain how insights from developmental science could help schools promote attendance and engagement for middle and high school students.

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The Hidden Evolutionary Advantages of the Teenage Brain

February 21, 2024

​NSCA member Linda Wilbrecht, PhD, talked with writer Tom Leslie at New Scientist about how our brains during adolescence are particularly suited to help us learn and explore in the midst of uncertainty.

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A Campus Space for LGBTQ Students Closed. A ‘Women’s Community Center’ Took Its Place.

February 12, 2024

Research shows that students do better in school when they feel safe, and LGBTQ+ centers make them feel both safe and seen, explains NSCA member Stephen Russell in this piece about what is lost when diversity, equity, and inclusion bans take effect at colleges and universities.

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The Impact of Sleep on Your Teen’s Mental Health

February 9, 2024

​A new article from CNET explaining the importance of sleep for young people cites our summary of the science of adolescent sleep.

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The Contribution Project Returns to Cornell, Expands to Two SUNYs

February 7, 2024

“It is our sense that for students, contributing in the ways they desire helps fuel their personal growth, well-being and purpose,” says Anthony Burrow, PhD, member of the National Scientific Council on Adolescence, about the return and expansion of The Contribution Project.

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Cultivating Purpose in Community Settings

November 3, 2023

​Changing the Odds Remix's Katherine Plog Martinez explains the essential role of outside-of-school, community-based programs in helping young people cultivate their sense of purpose.

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Adolescents who have a sense of purpose are happier and healthier. How can we help?

November 2, 2023

Helping young people develop a sense of purpose in life could build their resilience and prevent declines in mental health. A new report from the National Scientific Council on Adolescence (NSCA) outlines why a having sense of purpose is a key aspect of healthy adolescent development and describes what adults can do to help.

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The Stages of Ado­les­cent Brain Development With UCLA’s Adri­ana Galván, PhD

October 24, 2023

​In this presentation for the Annie E. Casey Foundation, our Co-executive Director Adriana Galván presents insights into ado­les­cent brain devel­op­ment and shows how bet­ter under­stand­ing this devel­op­men­tal peri­od can inform and improve pro­grams and ser­vices focused on youth well-being.

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