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Image for How We Can Support Youth to Learn What They Need to Build Healthy Relationships

How We Can Support Youth to Learn What They Need to Build Healthy Relationships

February 27, 2024

Digital Content Contributor Allyson Nesmith summarizes suggestions from our third Love in Adolescence webinar, about how adults can help youth learn about healthy romantic relationships.

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Students’ Perspectives on Adolescents and Cross-ethnic Friendships

September 15, 2023

Rubi Alvarez, Madison Cheungsomboune, and Miguel Partida share what they learned about friendships and school diversity during the adolescent years at the 2023 UCLA CDA Adolescent Development Summer Boot Camp.

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Image for Friendships and Peer Relationships During Adolescence

Friendships and Peer Relationships During Adolescence

September 15, 2023

Students Megan Dinh, Zoe Ezeudu, Sage Gray, Taemin Han, Jianling Horton, and Madelene Natividad from our 2023 Summer Boot Camp write about friendships and how those relationships change during our adolescent years.

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Friendships & School Diversity

September 23, 2022

Students from the UCLA Summer Research Bootcamp share what they learned about the importance of friendships during adolescence and the added benefits of ethnic diversity within those friendships.

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Science in Action: A Research-Informed Intervention that Supports Youth in Foster Care

April 29, 2021

National Scientific Council member Dr. Leslie Leve, University of Oregon, spoke recently about how research can pinpoint the “key ingredients” that make more effective programs and interventions for youth.

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Adolescents Don’t Have to Write the “Next Chapter” Alone

April 23, 2021

It might seem like a paradox, but successfully transitioning to being an independent adult requires support from and close connections with peers and trusted adults. Our brilliant Digital Communications Intern Allyson Nesmith writes about the importance of this support as she approaches college graduation.

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Connection in Quarantine: Adolescent Romance Rolls On

February 12, 2021

Allyson Nesmith writes about how adolescents are finding ways to form the romantic connections that are so important to development.

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Adolescent Friendships: What Researchers Should Ask about Quality, Politics, and Cognitive Function

July 22, 2020

High school science students explain the questions researchers should be asking about adolescent friendships.

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Friendships During the COVID-19 Pandemic

July 8, 2020

"Stay-at-home" orders during the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted adolescents' relationships with friends. These high school students explain how.

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