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Adaptivity Trailer

July 23, 2020
Image for Adaptivity: The Science of Adolescence


Taking risks. Falling in love. Figuring out who we are. Adolescents are constantly learning and adapting—in ways that are often misunderstood. Join Dr. Ron Dahl, Director of the Institute of Human Development at UC Berkeley, and his guests as they explore the science of adolescence on Adaptivity, a podcast by the UCLA Center for the Developing Adolescent. Listen and rate us on Apple Podcasts!


Henry (age 13) When I think of asking someone out, I think about, if I actually do this and she says no, then like, what’s going to happen to me?

Ron Dahl Taking risks, trying new things, falling in love–these are integral parts of learning and growth during adolescence.

Henry (age 13) I guess the worst thing they could say would be no. Right? And then my social life would be mildly ruined.

Ron Dahl I’m Ron Dahl, and this is Adaptivity, a new podcast about the different ways our developing brains are primed for healthy and adaptive learning during this period of life.

Celia (age 16) When I, like, dance, I heard everybody, like, cheering my name and then people clapping. I felt like, wow, this feels good, like I can actually do this.

Jennifer Pfeifer There’s reward or there’s heartache or there’s just sheer excitement. Those things are what’s driving the tremendous amount of learning that adolescents do and that makes them really have the capacity to adapt to a new environment.

Teen Skateboarder There’s also an adrenaline aspect to it where your body gets supercharged and yeah, you’re just feeling it, you know.

Ron Dahl Join me in exploring the science of adolescence on Adaptivity.

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